1. It is forbidden to add sites with child porn
  2. It is forbidden to use banners with the image of naked children
  3. It is forbidden to add sites with propaganda of violence
  4. It is forbidden to add sites with calls to overthrow the government
  5. It is forbidden to add sites with the arms trade
  6. It is forbidden to add sites with illegal content

By adding sites with licensed content, you confirm that you have the appropriate licenses for this site content.

Denial of responsibility

Our moderators check sites for compliance with our rules before adding them to the site rating. further responsibility for the content of the site lies with the owner of this site. We are not responsible for the content of third-party sites and all complaints about the content should be sent exclusively to the owner of the resource
Our site does not store any files or data and is purely a directory of links. If you see a site that violates our rules, then contact the administrator and tell him the links to prohibited content. And also tell or you contacted the owner of this site to remove prohibited content.
Only if the owner did not want to fish the material of prohibited content from his resource, we will remove it from the rating.

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In case of inactivity within a month, your site will be excluded from the rating



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